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Pro Canvas
is a Photoshop plugin designed to enhance and replace the existing Canvas command.
While providing you with all of the standard Canvas options (in Absolute mode),
Pro Canvas also adds a powerful new Relative mode that allows you to add or subtract from each side independently and simultaneously.
Additionally, you may specify horizontal and/or vertical uniformity to add or subtract the defined amount from the width, the height, or all four sides.
Pro Canvas even has a New Size display area, allowing you to preview the canvas dimensions while you work within the dialog box.


· Works in Photoshop 5.5 and up, including Photoshop 7 and all versions of Microsoft Windows (95/98/ME/2000/XP)
· Recordable within Actions, including support for the Insert Menu Item command
  (This means you can bind Pro Canvas to a keyboard shortcut for quicker access!)
· Supports all Photoshop-native units of measurement: pixels, percentage, centimetres, inches, points, and picas
· Hold the Alt key down to change the Cancel button into a Reset button (to reset all entered values to their defaults)
·Supports custom background imagery for the dialog box

Pro Canvas is Shareware, but has no nags and no time limits. It is available only for the PC.
I am currently investigating the possiblity of porting it to the MAC. But because I have no access to a one, this might be difficult.

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