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Download (38 kB)

You may freely distribute the Pro Canvas archive (above) provided that you do not modify the contents of the archive in any form.
If you are placing Pro Canvas on wide distribution CD or on a website, I would like to be informed.


Pro Canvas is SHAREWARE, if you like it and use it, you must pay for it.
Registration doesn't do much for you (aside from appeasing your conscience ;), but it does encourage me to devote time to enhancing my plugins and/or writing new ones. I'm still in college so my time is limited and your shareware fees will ensure continued interest in current and future projects.

Pro Canvas does not contain any nags or time-limits because I realize that people who don't want to pay, just won't; though I sincerely hope you aren't one of them. I have invested a lot of time into this plugin, and it is only fair that I receive some (even if only a little) compensation. My previous plugin, Wallpampered, has been downloaded by more than 2000 people: nevertheless, I have received only 8 (yes, eight) registrations totalling a mere $39 in 6 months! Worse still, I actually lose $2.50 of the registration cost on internet payment fees. So, if you are feeling generous, please consider the donation versions.

Minimum registration fee is $8.

Please click here to register online.

I have noticed lately that some people are reluctant to pay online. If you wish, you may send me a cheque at the following address

Mr. Brian Fernandes
503, Miaami Apts. 2,
St. Vincents Street,
Camp, Pune 411 001.

Please make the cheque payable to: Joseph Andrew Fernandes

If you wish to send me cash, you can do that too, though it would be a little risky.

If you are sending me cash or cheques, do inform me.
Since I am losing $2.5 online per payment, I am even willing to accept $5 by these methods.