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1) Unzip the ZIP file and specify your Photoshop plugin folder as the extract path.
    ~The default  Photoshop plugin folder is located at C:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop 6.0\Plug-Ins , but it may be different on your machine.
2) Restart Photoshop.


WallPampered is an automation plugin and once you've copied it into the above folder it will be available under the File>Automation menu. As promised, for faster use, you could use the shortcut Alt F-U-W to bring up it's main dialog instantly.

The Filler Color
When you enable positioning, WallPampered makes a new image altogether (as against saving the current image in normal modes). The background color for this image is the current background color in Photoshop. It then pastes your image (flattened if necessary) at the appropriate location in this image. Therefore, if you require another color as background, set it before invoking WallPampered.

More help is available by clicking on the help button in WallPampered itself. For further assistance, please feel free to email me.