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WallPampered ZIP (28 kB)
Feel free to distribute this plugin to your friends.
Please do not distribute WallPampered outside of the original archive downloadable above.
If you are placing WallPampered on wide distribution CD or on a website, I would like to know. 


Why do you need to register WallPampered ?
Registration ensures my continuation of the WallPampered project. Ever wanted to able to try those deadly background effects you can use in Linux ? Blending, Hue Shifting, Overlays, Multiple Wallpapers ? If you register, I will try to release future versions which support these advanced features, right here in Windows. It will also enable me to spend time developing other Photoshop plugins, one of which is in the works right now. 

I have not used any nags or time-limits in my software, because I know that people who don't want to pay, just won't. Though I sincerely hope you aren't one of those people. I have spent a lot of time with this plugin, and it is only fair that I receive some compensation at least. I have tried to price it as low as possible, only $5. The company handling the payment takes a minimum of  $2.5, as a result of which I am left with the measly sum of $2.5. So if you are feeling generous, please go in for the donation version ~ I am trying to gather enough money to fund my further education abroad. Thanks.

Please click here to register.