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Well, WallPampered was coded by me, Brian Victor Fernandes.
I used the SDK from the Adobe site for this and Visual C++.
I've put a lot of energy into this plugin, so I hope you like it and find it useful.
Feedback is always appreciated, it will help me make better plugins. 


Most importantly, I would like to thank Andrew for his everlasting support.
Andrew has helped me right from "Where can I  get the SDK ?" to "What should I name it ?"
Without him, writing this plugin would have been much harder than it was, and probably never would have got launched.
Andrew makes plugins and other cool stuff himself. Check out his website.

Trevor Morris has helped me immensely with WallPampered 2.0. In fact, he has probably spent more time designing it's interface than I have. Trevor has evaluated almost every debug release of WallPampered, given me valuable suggestions at each stage and helped me make WallPampered much more professional looking. He's also given me an idea for a new plugin, which should be out soon. Trevor has an excellent site which might already be familiar to most of you Photoshop users out there. Check it out

U. Kenneth, for getting me my new Computer, without which I would still be spending more time restarting Photoshop than actually coding the plugin :-). This souped up baby can recompile and start Photoshop in around 10 seconds (believe me, that's good.)

Andy Cajka for helping me get it working (my computer) ! Or else I would be looking at 640x480 at 16 colors and wouldn't be able to play UT or anything ! 

Sami Yahya for helping me find and fix a major bug at his extraordinary operating conditions !

Mustafa Lokhandwala for helping me set up the shareware side of WallPampered. Please don't disappoint him and register your copy ;-)

Kapil My friend who spent a lot of time with me over a Windows 2000 registry bug. Never lets me down.

Sachin / Shantanu / Swaroop  - Windows ME Testing and bug finders ! Trusting enough to allow me to use prototype versions of WallPampered on their machines, when I didn't have ME. Found some major bugs too.

Jark (DeviantART)  - Windows 2000 Testing.

Mark - Excellent Trance to listen to while Coding !
Bharat / Nipun / Punit
- Moral Support ... yeah, right !

Last but not least, I would like to thank my family for tolerating the endless hours I spent in front of my computer; Being late for dinner; Sleeping late etc. etc. This is not only for this project, but ever since the time I've started using a Computer.