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Well, Pro Canvas was coded by me, Brian Victor Fernandes, using Visual C++ and the Adobe Photoshop SDK.
Maintaining high standards and default Photoshop behavior was a bit of a challenge, but I think it was well worth it! I've put a lot of energy into this plugin - much more than my previous plugin WallPampered , so I hope you like it and find it useful.
Feedback is always appreciated, it will help me make better plugins. 


Trevor Morris (GFX^TM) has been the driving force behind this plugin, in fact, it was his idea in the first place.
Trevor has been involved during all stages of development, right from conceptualization to quality assurance. The user interface was designed by him and he conducted most of the beta testing. The high-quality plugin you see before you is the result of him encouraging me to pursue perfection. As a result, many features and enhancements have been incorporated that might otherwise have been omitted, making this a much more "complete" plugin.


Don Ashe for helping me with implementation issues through the Adobe SDK mailing list. Don gave me some pointers on how to incorporate actions into Pro Canvas and was invaluable for his assistance on Icons and Bitmaps and the History.